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Boost Your Marketing Budget During Tough Times.

During economic hardships, business owners and nonprofit executive directors alike often view marketing as a postponable service. Marketing is needed and desired, but often seen as something that can be reasonably put off for brighter days ahead.

The Insights

The fact is, well-planned marketing budgets are essential to growing your organization and most definitely shouldn’t be the first area of your organization to get cut.

Marketing is the bridge between your products or services and your customers. It develops relationships, creates loyalty, builds credibility and cements a strong reputation for your brand. Without a presence in the market, your risk of losing each of these essential growth elements skyrockets.

Differentiate yourself from the crowd by cutting your marketing budget last.

Why do businesses and nonprofits look to cut their marketing budget first? Well, many owners and executive directors use the following statements as justification: “My customers aren’t going to forget about us overnight,” “Marketing is just a fluff service anyway,” or the most common phrase, “Everybody else is doing it!”

Your marketing budget ROI is solely based on what you put into it.

While there is some truth behind those statements (except, the second one of course!),  consider the benefits of NOT doing what everybody else is doing. Your competitors are cutting marketing budgets? Good! This gives you an opportunity to maintain and even grow your brand in a less crowded space. Keep your name in the minds of consumers while your competitors start quickly fading away.

In the vast sea of search results, how are you standing out? Especially now, it’s crucial to be showing up for those looking for you. We have your back with a plan to quickly get you in Google’s good graces. We see you. Now get your audience to see you too.


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